When choosing a laundry service, it all comes down to the personal care and attention you and your clothing gets. What you wear is an essential aspect of who you are. Quality care on your clothes can help more than just your wardrobe, but your overall confidence. There are a lot of other factors to consider when it comes to choosing a laundry service. Read below to learn how to pick a laundry service. 

How To Pick A Laundry Service 

  • Care & Accommodation: Finding a laundry service that cares, pays attention to detail, and treats your clothes as if they were their own is a necessity. A quality laundry service will listen to your specifications and go above and beyond. For example, if you have any allergies to a specific detergent or have an item of clothing that needs its first time wash, you will want these specifications to be treated seriously and professionally. 
  • Loss or Damage Policies: Regardless of the effort, some stains just can’t be undone. These issues tend to be rare but make sure there is a policy in-tact for loss and damages. They need to care for your garments as much as you do! 
  • Privacy: Laundry can be quite personal when it comes to letting other people handle your clothing. Find a service that will respect your privacy and won’t disclose any information.
  • Consistency: The right laundry service will have the right consistency, especially when it comes to quality. You want your clothes to be cleaned, pressed, and folded consistently. If there seems to be something off, they may not be taking all the proper steps. 
  • Turn Around Time: This may be the most critical factor. Ask yourself, how fast do you need your clothes delivered? Depending on your lifestyle, you may need your laundry done more swiftly than others. Some places offer same-day delivery or 24-hour services that will have your laundry folded and on your doorstep before you even get home from work! 

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